Need WiFi in an airport?

Are you vacationing anytime soon to a remote area? Will you be camping in woods and possibly need internet access? Is your hotel charging an outrageous price for internet access?  Are you taking a road trip and will be spending a large majority of your time in a car?  DayPassWireless is here to help you!  We offer mobile hotspots for rental at very reasonable prices.  Ordering a mobile hotspot from us is seamless; we are extremely easy to work with.  All you do is place your order online which includes informing us how many mobile hotspots or air cards you’ll need and for how long.  Then, you will receive a confirmation email and you should receive the device in the mail one or two days before you need it.

When you’re finished, mail the mobile hotspot or air card back to us in a pre-addressed and pre-paid envelope.  If you decide while you have the mobile hotspot that you need a time extension, you are able to do so as long as you communicate that to us. We are very flexible and accommodating; our customers come first.  Additionally, we have hundreds of devices so it is rare to encounter a time when an extension would not be feasible.

The devices provided by DayPassWireless are on the cutting edge of technology.  We only have 4G, high speed devices that work with Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T.  There is no usage limit for Sprint rentals.  This means unlimited audio and video steaming, music and video downloading.   Verizon and AT&T users have a usage limit of 250 Mega-Bytes of data downloads per each day of rental.  Any usage over that limit results in a charge of $0.01 per Mega-Byte, a very small price!

All mobile hotspots work with any operating systems, including Windows 8, Windows 7/XP/Vista, MAC OS 10.4.8 or higher.  All that is needed in addition to the air card is a one-time download of a specific software included in the air card package.  The software can also be downloaded prior to rental and should take less than ten minutes.

DayPassWireless has been in business since September of 2008. The management team have over ten years of experience in telecommunications and wireless electronics.  We have an excellent technical support team that has extensive knowledge about our products and our industry.  Our team is available every day from 8:00am until 10:00pm, Eastern Standard Time, for any inquiries or problems you may encounter.

DayPassWirelessDayPassWireless is simple, easy, and beneficial.  Our team is comprised of knowledgeable engineers that want to ensure each client gets the best product and service possible.